Delhi Ralzam Vaccine Chunh Aherh Tuk Hringhran

Delhi Chin ralzam Covid Vaccine free kan herh timi kong IndiaSpend: (Delhi in ralzam dihlak nih Covid Vaccine Free kan ngah khawh nak ding ah Campaign a lamkip in kan tuah. Ravi Niar-Director of South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre nih biatak tein an kan dirpi tthan.

A medic shows a vial of AstraZeneca’s COVISHIELD coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine in Yangon, Myanmar, after the country received 1.5 million doses of the vaccine manufactured by the Serum Institute of India, January 27, 2021. REUTERS/Shwe Paw Mya Tin

Salai Cung Dawt, a Chin refugee from Myanmar and a community leader and coordinator for the Chin Human Rights Organisation, is worried for his people in India. Dawt, who is in India since 2008, has approached the UNHCR to resolve the question of documentation for the vaccine.

We coordinate with UNHCR for our needs and are yet to hear from them on COVID-related information,” he said. “If they [India] include UNHCR cards for registration, it will be helpful for us. UNHCR India declined to comment on India’s specific strategy but.

Reiterated its global position that it advocates for the inclusion of refugees and asylum-seekers in national vaccination plans, in line with other government criteria. Chin refugees need access to free vaccine doses because they cannot afford private ones, Dawt told IndiaSpend. Salai Cung Dawt